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What is toxic relationship and what are the signs of a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is very opposite of a healthy relationship. It has everything going wrong in it. There is no care, love, trust, loyalty, or honesty. It is a totally useless kind of relationship. The couple is not at all happy in this kind of relationship. They basically, are bored of each other or may not be connected with each other like before. 

In healthy relationships, everything is like a fairytale. He supports you and loves you beyond anything. There is no restriction, but trust. No hate but only love. No carelessness but caring nature. Therefore, a healthy relationship is all about goodness in it. A couple shares a very strong bond and there is nothing wrong with that relationship.

In a toxic relationship, you may be loving your partner but, there is a lack of enjoyment and attraction. For some reason, you always seem to rub the negativity on each other and there is a constant blame game going on. There are a lot of fights and immaturity.

Below are some key points to highlight this type of relationship so that you can get a better idea of what a toxic relationship contains and is all about:

1 – Communication:

A toxic relationship of course contains communication that is full of toxicity. There is no caring or sweet talk at all and just blame game communication. Your partner does not answer you properly and will always in some or the other way taunt you. You will never receive a proper and respectful answer in a toxic relationship. Your partner will either ignore your communication or give you an answer in an obscene way.

In the last stage, your partner may never respond to you and will dodge your calls. They will not feel like communicating with you at all. You will receive news about their well-being not from them but from their friends or family.

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2 – Support:

Certainly, in a relationship, there has to be support to receive from your partner. It is a basic expectation of a person to receive support from his or her partner. Without a support system in a relationship, it is a phone with no sim card.

A healthy relationship is a basic desire to see each other succeed in their career or profession. There is no jealousy factor or bad intentions at all. Whereas, in a toxic relationship everything is pretty opposite. They do not want good things happening to their partner. Basically in a toxic relationship, there is zero support system you can ever expect from your partner.

3 – Jealousy or Envy:   

A little envy does not harm any relationship. From time to time you can experience it little but, in a healthy way. Envy will become a problem when your partner never thinks about your success in a positive way or he does not want to think about you at all in a positive way.

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The same thing goes with jealousy. A jealousy factor will become a problem when your partner is constantly jealous of you and that jealously is not at all a healthy one.

4 – Dishonesty:

Ohh!!!! We all know that dishonesty is definitely not a healthy sign in a relationship. We all expect honesty from our partners, isn’t it? Of course yes. Who would not want a partner full of honesty except when he surprises you on your birthdays and anniversaries? Well, if he is constantly lying to you then of course it is not at all a healthy sign of a relationship. You constantly find out that he is lying to you about his whereabouts.

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5 – Holding on too much:

Of course, when your partner is angry at you for some reason it is fine but such things happen way too much and if he keeps on dragging the issue or getting mad at you for a petty reason or for no reason then of course something is wrong in your relationship.

This is a good sign of getting to know about the quality of your relationship.

6 – Behaviors:

If your partner has a controlling behavior sorry to say exit right now. Nobody has the power to control you except you. Controlling behavior is like cancer in your relationship. It will eat up all the positivity and goodness in the relationship. Before such behavior explodes your control capacity, exit.

Controlling behavior includes asking constantly where are you or getting annoyed and pissed off if you do not reply to him on time. These two are only some examples of the behaviors and there are lots more to them.

7 – Financial behaviors: 

I have kept this behavior separated from the above because this one is kind of a major behavior you can see in any toxic relationship.

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It is totally agreeable when you both agree upon any financial method. You both have agreed that where and how to spend money or how to save it or a certain pattern of expenditure or savings. It is healthy and is often discussed in every relationship.

The same can be a part of a toxic relationship when your partner never respects your decision about finances or constantly withdraws large some without giving you any knowledge about it. Or has purchased some large ticket without consulting or letting you know and the same is constantly happening.

This is something not usually seen in any healthy relationship.

8 – Needs:

In a healthy relationship, your partner shall never ignore your needs or expectation but, in a toxic relationship, your partner shall always disrespect your needs and will ignore what you want.

9 – Disrespect:

In a healthy relationship, your partner shall always respect your views and needs but, in a toxic relationship, he shall always disrespect them.

10 – Stress:

In a toxic relationship, you will always experience stress within and around you. This is not at all a sign of a healthy relationship.

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