DatingHow to talk with your crush - Expert Advice

How to talk with your crush – Expert Advice

This is a very common question amongst teens these days. Here we have discussed a few points which will guide you on How to talk with your crush.

We all know that we all secretly like someone or are attracted to someone special out there. There is no harm to have a crush on someone but there is the harm if we don’t correctly approach someone because the first impression is the last.

Your approach towards your crush should be decent and correct. When you leave your crush should feel that hope you see him/her again. Your crush might not tell you that but his/her behavior will let you know that.

In this article, we are going to discuss two main points which will save your days, months, and years of wait, wait also your nights of sleep.

1) Correct way of approaching your crush

2) How to talk with your crush

So do read till the end.

Though the name of the topic is how to talk with your crush, I have included one more lesson in your syllabus because I want to save you from committing a mistake which lots of youngsters do. Generally, most of us think about the “topic” to start with our crush but do we think of the way of approaching our crush? No, we don’t. We are in a hurry to talk but we do not think about the “correct” way of approaching it.

Before starting a conversation with your crush the approach is very important. Why you are approaching is also very important. Remember you just can’t take your face and go to him/her.  how-to-talk-with-your-crushYou need to show it was important to talk otherwise you wouldn’t have approached him/her and at the same time, you will have to show that you liked the conversation. You do not need to be rude and also don’t showcase your attitude. Just keep everything neutral. Your first impression should be very impressive. It should wow your crush. It should be so impactful that your crush should approach you for the second time and I think most of us want it. Never mind let me tell you how to approach it.

1) Find a reason

Don’t simply take your face and go. Remember you do not want to disclose that you have a crush on your crush. Find some valid reason to approach him/her.

For example, if she is your work colleague and you are working on a project which she has worked on before, ask for some tips. While asking to be fluent and not filmy. Don’t keep on staring and at the same time make your eyes speak. As in, your eyes should be polite and focused on what she is saying, and also you can compliment her on the project she completed or for the way she explained you. You can thereafter offer her a coffee too because she explained and helped you too.

I know, thank me later for this.

2) Don’t be nervous and be fluent.

I know it’s difficult to keep calm because your crush is replying to you. I can understand yes. But it’s necessary to show that you aren’t nervous. how-to-talk-with-your-crushYou cannot be because that gives a wrong impression. She/he won’t even think of you when you leave if you become nervous. Calm down and approach. Also, remember after approaching that you have to be fluent in whichever language you speak. No, I am not saying learn something and go just that don’t jumble up things. Be clear about what you want from your crush.

Now based on the example stated above when you go to speak to your work colleague, you will have to say your sentences straight and without getting nervous. Not even a bit.

3) Be formal but not too much.

No doubt that she/he is your colleague therefore you will have to be formal but, not too formal. Don’t give too much respect. She/he is your colleague and not a boss. So respect her/him as a colleague but don’t disrespect yourself.

Now the second point is, how to talk with your crush.

If you are a girl and you have to start a conversation with a boy you like it’s awkward but not impossible. You are a girl and you are magic. Doesn’t matter if you are going to have a face-to-face conversation or an online interaction you need to have confidence. Don’t show off too much and do not show excitement. Keep everything neutral

Face to face– Do not dress fancy. Remember to be you. Stay simple. Don’t design yourself for him. You are not a fancy doll. Be you. Dress as usual. It’s just a talk and not a marriage.


Now let’s take an example. If he is a boy from your college and says you have a project. Take a doubt and instead of asking your teacher, approach him. Remember that it should be a real and a valid doubt. He shouldn’t think that you are making up things to have a conversation with him. While talking be clear and audible. Don’t look here and there. Control your emotions. Don’t jumble up things. Don’t take the help of those series. This is real life.

Online interaction – It’s easy to interact online. When you start a chat, remember to keep it flirt-free. Don’t start using kiss emojis or so. Keep it natural and very formal at first. Let him take a step towards an informal chat. Take the same example of a classmate and you have a doubt. Say hi first, and wait for his reply. Don’t rush. Don’t show that you are dying for him to reply. When he replies don’t directly go and start replying. Wait for some time. And later go for it and ask your question.

Now if you are a boy. It’s difficult, I know. Girls are unpredictable at a times. But don’t worry I have covered you up.

Now that you have got many ideas about how to talk with your crush, Also Read, Signs that you found your soul mate.

Face to face– Don’t show that you are nervous. Remember to stay clear. She is not going to eat you. And remember don’t show heroic stunts. Be very casual. Start as if she is just someone from your class and that reminds me to give you an If she is your colleague, approach her and keep it casual, don’t touch your hair again and again if that’s your habit. Be natural and approach. Don’t jumble up things and come straight to the point. It’s that simple brother. Girls don’t like heroes, they like humans remember.

Online interaction– It is the same for the boys too but, always remember boys have to start an informal conversation. You can offer her a coffee or you can start calling her for outings in a group. Don’t call her alone somewhere that gives a clear hint that you are interested in her. and we exactly do not want that. We want to keep it low. Become friends first and then you can start sharing your thoughts.

Now there are few rules for both boys and girls.

Rules I have made just to make sure that you do not commit mistakes while communicating with your crush.

1) While talking or chatting (basically during your communication) DO NOT FLIRT. It gives a very wrong impression. Remember that you are not even her/his friend and even if you are, then in a friendship you cannot flirt, you both are just friends.

Let the time play its role and you don’t.

2) While communicating don’t keep on staring. Keep it casual and don’t start dreaming. Focus on what she/he is saying. And reply accordingly.

3) When you don’t know something do not reply anything because you might sound dumb in the future. If you do not know something say I don’t know or change the topic. There is also a way of changing topics. Think of some urgent and important topic and then change the current topic.


4) To impress him/her don’t lie. Please do not ever lie about yourself just to impress him/her.

5) While you are in a communication mode, try to find out what she/he likes and always remember about it. Especially when she is a girl. Girls like it when a boy remembers minute details about her. But do not bring up her/his interests again and again. It might irritate your crush.

6) Don’t give too much attention. Give some space to your crush too. Be in touch but not 24/7. Because nobody likes to be in somebody’s contact 24/7 leaving his/her job. Know your crush’s timings and then contact.

7) Attract your crush through your nature and not your money or things. Talk about common interests. Show your nature and best side to your crush but also not all the time. Please him/her but when anytime in future they go wrong let them know. Be his/her friend, sword, and also a guard.

8) Be yourself all the time when you are communicating. Don’t pretend. Don’t show them a side that you do not possess. Remember uniqueness wins a heart.

Do let us know how you liked this article, how to talk with your crush, by commenting.



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