Daily tipsHow to start a conversation with a girl - Tips for boys

How to start a conversation with a girl – Tips for boys

It is very difficult to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know or even a girl you know but you never spoke to. It’s quite annoying because you are scared she might leave you there with no response or she might just make fun of you or she might even slap you. It’s scary because your reputation comes at stake. But there won’t be any such problems if you approach a girl correctly.

Now there are various possibilities we are going to discuss below one by one so stay here and keep reading.

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1) Conversation with a girl you don’t know at all – Now this is easy because there are various ways you can approach her. For example, you can approach her for some work but remember the work should be valid and connected to her or you can simply cross her way where she is sitting and simply smile and say hello and discuss the weather. Remember to keep your introduction genuine and believable. Don’t start flirting there. It will spoil your image, trust me. Don’t even start your conversation with a pickup or filmy line. So basically this part is easy.

You can thereafter ask her how she is doing and how her work or studies are going. You can also ask her how her day is going. And remember when she starts telling you, does listen to her properly and show her that you are interested in her talks. She should feel that you are genuinely interested in her talks. Girls like boys who listen to them genuinely. Believe me, half of the tension will disappear if you are a good listener.

You can simply approach such a girl and start a conversation the way I told you here. Then you can simply compliment her. Remember do not give large kinds of compliments. She should think that you are complimenting her sincerely and are not joking. A girl likes and believes in your compliment when it’s believable. So keep it simple and real.

You can also talk about the things like music, movies, series, etc. Bring up some trendy topics to discuss. Remember do not flirt. Know the girl before and let her know you. Do not interrogate her. tell her about you too. Let her know the person whom she is talking to or else she won’t open up to either. The girl should have the feeling that you are trustable isn’t it?

Later on, when you feel that you have some things in common for example, both of you love crime as a genre, you can simply mention to her about upcoming crime movies, and then you can ask her whether she would like t join you. Remember not to force. If she denies it’s okay you have many days in the future, you can ask her again.

Remember to keep all of this casual and polite. Also, keep in mind not to flirt and deliver a catchy or filmy line.

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2) Conversation with someone you know – Now conversation with someone you know but you have never spoken to before is also easy. It won’t be difficult because even the girl knows you. Rather I would say this is easier than the above one. You will have topics to discuss if the girl is from your class, college, or office whichever is applicable.

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You can simply walk up to her and start a conversation but at the right time. For example, during break time and you can start a conversation by asking her for lunch or a coffee break. Don’t simply take your face there at the wrong time. Time plays a very important role to start a conversation.

After starting a conversation you can simply bring up some mutual friends you both have in common. That’s a great start for any conversation. You can come close to the girl if you both have a person in common. She will soon feel comfortable having a conversation with you.

Then slowly you can share about your experiences with that common friend and also you can ask her about her friends, so basically, that’s how you can start the conversation. If you have no friends in common, you can simply start with the workload or college project work. You can take some tips or share some tips.

Later on, if she has helped you with your project work or workload in the office, you can simply offer her a treat or can offer her a coffee. Do not call her out for a dinner. Remember you want her to stay.

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After reaching this far, you can start asking her some interesting questions. Start knowing about her. ask her about movies, and series and once you know about her favorite genre or movie, start asking her about the characters in the movie or a scene in the movie. Make her laugh in between but don’t be funny all the time. Don’t act mad. Stay calm and play your role. Remember to stay real and casual all the time.

Ask her about her routine, and workload so that you know when she is free for the conversation so that she doesn’t get disturbed during her working schedule. Don’t reveal why you are asking her. Play your cards in silence. Also, note that you are not around her 24/7. Give her some space too.

After having good and healthy communication, you can start asking her personal questions. Remember that you can ask her personal questions only after you know that she is getting comfortable. Thereafter you can ask her about her family or friends. Remember not to ask her something which she is uncomfortable answering. Don’t ask her about her greatest secret or deepest fear.


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Verbal Behavior

1) Have a good shave on a day you are going to have a conversation.

2) Practice before having a conversation with her.

3) Upgrade your wardrobe. Wear something simple yet attractive and ironed clothes.

4) Polish your shoes if you wear them.

5) Remember to look decent and smell decent.

6) Your conversation with a girl throughout should be fluent, decent, and confident.

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