RelationshipsHow to keep Your relationship strong and happy

How to keep Your relationship strong and happy

I don’t know about you all, but a relationship is something wherein both persons should put equal efforts. You cannot clap using one hand, can you? A relationship is something like that only wherein both the persons should have courage, passion, interest, etc to maintain it. You should have time to manage and work on it. It’s something you should maintain to last. In this article, “How to keep relationships strong and happy” we have kept a few tricks and tips to keep relationships going happily.

Having a strong and happy relationship is something tough to earn. Because of course, you cannot have everything perfect right? But you need to love imperfections because of which you will stay happy and so will your relationship become strong.


To have a strong and happy relationship is difficult but not impossible if you change your perspective and also if you start adjusting. It’s now not a secret that everybody wants that their relationship to be strong, healthy, and happy. When your relationship is going strong and healthy automatically you become happy.

Here are some tips to help you to make your relationship strong and happy:-

1) Respect

We often make this mistake unknowingly when we become comfortable with our partner, we tend to cross boundaries. Don’t forget your partner is not your friend but your PARTNER whom you love. You need him/her throughout so respect his/her existence in your life and treat him/her with respect. You cannot even by mistake disrespect him/her because this will create a transparent boundary between both of

2) Greet

Whenever you both meet, do not forget to greet with a smile from within. Make your partner feel that you are very happy to see him/her. Your partner should feel that he/she matters to you from your heart. This will tend to make your relationship strong.

3) Check on your partner

Always check out for each other. Know what happened all day with your partner. Know every minute detail. Be up to date with your partner. Study him/her well. This will make them feel secure and they will feel that “yes he/she is there with me and will be there always when I need him/her”.

4) No third person

No matter what it is and how small it is, tell everything to your partner yourself. You should be the source of information and not your friend or relative. Your partner should know everything about you from you and not the third person. Also, remember not to involve any third person in your relationship and especially during fights. Sort your relationship’s differences without involving any third source.


5) Appreciate

Appreciate your partner whenever you can. Don’t ignore his/her efforts. Appreciate him/her daily for even small cute things. This will encourage your partner to stick around you more often and thereby making your relationship going strong. Remember appreciation doesn’t cost a thing. Find small things every day to appreciate. There is no better form of encouragement than being told by someone you love how much they appreciate the small things you do. It will boost the quality of your relationship. Trust me.

6) Maintain transparency

It’s very important to maintain transparency in a relationship. Always be open to your partner about your personal and professional life. The quality of the relationship will increase. This will also strengthen your relationship. Remember your partner should be your best friend first and then your soulmate. This factor always helps to make a relationship strong.

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7) Give each other time

It’s very important to spend at least 1 hour of the day with each other to discuss the ups and downs of the day. This will make you come closer to your partner and thereby increase the quality and naturally will make your relationship grow stronger and happier. Your partner will feel good and happy discussing his/her hectic or cheerful day. signs-that-you-have-found-your-soulmateIt is very important to have healthy communication with each other in a relationship.

8) Go on a date

Going and making your partner feel special on a date is very important. At least once a month spend special time together. Be it a movie date or a lunch date, what’s important is spending quality time with your partner. Only a boy does not need to take a girl out on a day, even a girl can arrange or plan a beautiful date for a boy.

9) Support

It is very important in a relationship to support each other and grow. You need to support your partner in his/her big and good decision. This will enhance happiness and will make your partner feel satisfied to have you as a partner in his/her life. Sometimes you need to make your partner realize that you are always there for him/her no matter what. Be your partner’s support system. Make him/her feel good about the fact that you are with him/her no matter what the situation becomes.

10) Explain

Being a support system is awesome provided the decision your partner takes is in good faith and for a good cause. Don’t support your partner in wrong deeds. Explain to him/her nicely why you cant support him/her or why they should not take that particular decision.

11) Show your love

If you want to make your relationship stronger you need to love your partner throughout and from within. You need to constantly show your partner how much you love him/her. this will make them come closer to you and stick around you throughout.


12) Trust

When it comes to making your relationship strong, trust plays a very important role. It’s a very important factor in every relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, you cannot love him/her and even he/she cannot love you back. He/she will go far away from you. Your relationship will become weak. So show your partner that you do trust him/her. Remember trust is the basic need of every form of relationship.

All the above factors are very important when it comes to making your relationship strong and happy. When your relationship is strong no third person can come and spoil your relationship.



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