Daily tipsHow to impress a girl - Tips and Tricks for boys

How to impress a girl – Tips and Tricks for boys

I know this is a difficult task to impress a girl. But trust me there is always a solution to your problem. And as usual, I am here to solve your problem so do not forget to read this article till the end and I am sure at the end of this article you are going to smile because your problem will be solved by then.

Love is such an emotion that doesn’t require any factors to fall for, it just happens. Therefore you can start liking someone you don’t know at all. For example when you see her at someone’s party, wedding, or any other sort of function.

That’s an obvious thing you cannot easily impress someone you don’t know. It’s not an easy task. It takes effort, time, and also your sleep at some times. So now without wasting more time let’s get started.

1) Try to know her

Before introducing yourself to her, try to find out about her. Don’t just take your face and talk. Know her through some of your common friends. If you know a few of her things well in advance without being a spy then it can help you to start a conversation. impress-girlCheck her Facebook and Instagram handles for that matter because social media plays an important role these days. By checking her social media handles you will get to know who she is and also what are her likes. You can thereafter start searching for your common likings and start a conversation. But remember never to disclose that you have been checking her social media handles and don’t make it obvious that you have been asking people about her.

2) Introduction

Now, this is an important part. You need to introduce yourself to make your first move. Remember you don’t want to directly make her your girlfriend. The first step is to make a friendship. While starting an introduction about yourself don’t be too aggressive about it or act as if you are dying to talk to her. be casual about it. But remember you have to act normal and find the best time to start introducing yourself. Make sure she is not busy or worried about something. Time plays an important role. You do not want to look stupid right?

Just say hi I am Sampanda, it’s great to see you here. What’s your name? and take it from here.

Remember not to ask her too many questions and don’t tell her too much about yourself. After this particular episode, let the girl approach you.

3) Know about her

Once a girl is your friend, ask her about herself. Let it be about after for a few days. Know her completely. Find common likings. Don’t try to be chewing gum, give her some space. And remember try to be interested more than interesting. Show that you are interested in her talks. Also, make sure that she is asking you things back and you are replying. Don’t interrogate her and make her feel like she is in a police station.

Here are some things you can ask her:-

  • Her hobbies
  • Favorite food
  • About her family (in general)
  • Her holiday plans
  • Her favorite actors, series, movies, artist, YouTubers, and singers.


4) Tell about yourself more

Once you know that both of you are comfortable with each other, open up about yourself a bit. Now no need to focus on her more. Keep it equal and neutral. Don’t tell her everything in a day. Once you know you are comfortable start telling her about things and people you care about. You can start complaining at this stage but not too much because you want her to stick around you and continue to keep hanging out with you. Keep your positive side open.

Here are some things you can tell her about yourself:-

  • Your siblings
  • Favorite spots to hang out
  • Your hobbies
  • Favorite memories
  • Your favorite unique style.

5) Know her personality

By now, start knowing her personality. Every girl possesses a personality that differs from girl to girl. Know your girl. Know what kind of person she is. For example, she is shy, funny, talkative, introverted, extroverted, quirky, etc.know-her-personality Knowing her personality is a plus point for you. When you get to know about her personality you will stop making an error while dealing with her. For example, if she is a shy kind of girl, you will know that it will take time for her to open up to you.

6) Compliment

You can complement her but, make sure not always and not an awkward compliment. You can give her a simple compliment that after listening won’t make her uncomfortable. Always compliment a girl which will encourage her in the work she does. Pick something which you know is very important to her.

For example, you can say you are good to all people, that’s nice of you. And done this much is enough for her to listen and make her feel good.

If you want to compliment her attire you can just say “That’s a great sweater, that color doesn’t suit me but it looks great on  you.” Done your job here is over and she understood that you genuinely complimented her.

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7) Ask to hang out

Once you get a feeling that a girl is friendly and comfortable around you and has already started sharing her things with you, you can ask her to hang out casually and don’t make her feel like you are asking her out for a date. Keep it natural as if you are asking her out for a friendly coffee or trekking. Don’t call her out for a long trip without knowing her fully because you still need to know more things in common.

Ask her casually “ Hey you love horror movies right and so do I, I was supposed to go this weekend would you like to join?”

Remember, do not force her to come. Keep it casual. If she says no, it’s okay, let it go and try asking after 2-3 weeks.

After you guys come closer and now your friendship is on its way of building into a deeper friendship:-

1) Check in with her. Keep knowing what she is up to. Is everything okay? Wish her good luck whenever she is about to answer her test or an examination.

2) Don’t put too much pressure on her to hang out with you all the time. Give her some space.


3) Help each other out. For example, give her a lift to college and she might cook lunch for you. So give and take help. This will help you come close to yourself.

4) This is very important. Do not be jealous of her other male friends. This might irritate her. and also being jealous of her male friends is not a good thing and also it shouldn’t bother you because you know your relationship with her well so trust it.

5) You can try getting her friends known well. Meet them and let her meet your friends. This will make her know your circle well and you will get to know hers.

6) Remember to grow together and be together in each other’s bad times.  Also,  give each other some space.

Now, proposing to your girl is in your hands. because by this time you will know it well what she likes and how she likes it. I have bought you close to her now it’s your time to make your life.

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