Daily tipsHow to build a romantic relationships with boyfriend or girlfriend

How to build a romantic relationships with boyfriend or girlfriend

We all watch romantic movies where romantic relationships are shown between boyfriend and girlfriend.

We see how two people come close and have lots of romance in their relationship. But trust me romance doesn’t stay longer as time passes it fades away. There is a difference between a real romance and the romance portrayed in the films. So before starting let me advise you to come out of it.

Each relationship is beautiful in its way and therefore, do not compare your romance with the other couple’s romance. The intensity between each couple is different. You cannot simply compare your intensity with that of others.

It takes years to realize that romantic relationships are neither a fairytale nor romantic scenes shown in romantic movies.


To build romantic relationships with your partner you should be clear about one thing, your partner is not a prince/princess. He/she cannot be perfect as a hero/heroine in the movie. Rather I would say nobody in this world is perfect. Therefore, accept the flaws in your partner before accepting him/her. Treat your partner as a human and not a toy whom you decorate.

Now let’s get to the point because of which you are here. Keep reading and get your answers. Here are the ways by which you can build a romantic relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

1- Love distance too – What this means is, you should love the distances in a relationship as you love the togetherness. This will develop a kind of closeness and will promote a strong relationship. No matter how much the distance is, love it stay connected, and stay loyal. Make your partner feel that distance can never be an issue in your relationship.signs-that-you-have-found-your-soulmate

2Love the flaws – The romantic bonding will start occurring when you will starting seeing your partner for who she/he is. Accept your partner’s flaws and the mistake he/she commits. This will make him/her comfortable and he/she will start seeing and meeting you more.

3- Be who you are- Do not pretend who you are not. This will degrade the quality of your relationship. Be unique. It will be easier for your partner to know you and thereby will promote closeness. He/she will know ways to come close to you after knowing the real you. He/she will accept the way you are.

4- Think more about a partner- Think more about your partner. Don’t just think about yourself in the relationship. Think about him/her too. You need to understand that whatever decision you will take, will affect the overall relationship and so your partner. The more you will think of your partner, the more the quality and closeness will develop.

5- Love the ordinariness- Basically what happens is, when the start of the relationship ends, you start experiencing the ordinariness of the relationship. What you can do is, start enjoying this ordinariness and use it as a way of romance. Start intimating this ordinariness. Try to blossom it.

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6- Give the love- Rather than focusing on how much you are getting, focus on giving the love. Remember the more you show affection to your partner, the more quality increases and thereby creating passion in the relationship and hence slowing building the romantic relationship. Love plays a very crucial role in the relationship. So focus on giving love to your partner.

7- Ignore mistakes- I agree that mistakes are sometimes not ignorable but we need to understand that the more you point out the mistakes of your partner, he/she will get bored and tend to avoid much communication with you. Therefore, ignore the mistakes until they are grave. This will make him/her come closer to you. If a mistake happens, you can always explain them in a loveful way. This will make him/her believe that you are very mature and understand them.

8- Understanding- Remember to make your relationship so transparent that you can understand the mood of your partner very well. Understand his/her mood by looking at their faces or reading his/her messages to you. That very moment take the advantage of the situation and meet him/her and make that day special for him/her. This will create a strong bonding between both of you.  He/she will believe that you understand them very well and the transparency of the relationship will increase.

9- Create small moments- You can sometimes create small moments in your relationship. Of course, they should not be planned moments. It should just happen sometimes. Take the control of the moment in your relationship. For example, while talking or while he/she is very close to you or while he/she is telling you some personal story they have been through. Make these small moments special for both of you. Remember that not always you can create them because this will make both of you bored. It’s okay to create such moments once in a blue moon.alovediary-flirting-tips-for-men

10- Let go- Sometimes you will have to let go of your expectations. You can’t always expect the fulfillment of your expectations. Also, don’t expect big things from your relationship and enjoy minute things in your relationship.

Also, remember that trying to build a romantic relationship cannot be done by only one person. A relationship is something wherein both persons should put equal efforts. If you are lacking romance in your relationship you both need to put equal efforts to plant the romantic seed in your relationship. After all, a relationship is a bond between two persons and therefore both persons should equally pay attention to their relationship.

When it comes to building romance many factors come into the picture that is, free will, interest, love, care, etc.

Also, lastly, I would like to add that in a romantic relationship mostly a boy had to take the first step towards building a romantic relationship because most the girls are of shy personality and also because of their background they easily do not step forward in such cases. Also, if your relationship is new and not old hang on and wait for the right moment. Get comfortable first and then start connecting romantically. Getting comfortable is very important in the relationship.


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