Flirting tips for Man – Tips that will Make You Master at Flirting


Different people will tell you different things about flirting. Understand that not all girls are likely to be comfortable with you being flirty. It is important to know the girl before you start being flirty. You need to understand whether she will accept your behavior or not. You cannot approach a random girl and directly start flirting with her. That is indecent and very cheap.

Being a flirt is an art. A real flirt will flirt but decently without being a cheap guy at the same time. What things you need to know before flirting are:

  1. Knowing her in and out
  2. Time and place
  3. Whether she is comfortable around you
  4. Know her weaknesses
  5. Know her kind of boy

These are a few of the things to know before starting to flirt.

Breaking the ice with women is not tough if you get to the correct process. There are no rules to follow but a few tips to get well versed with flirting ideas. Below mentioned are a few tips to flirt with a girl. Follow this guide and get your dream girl.

Make her comfortable

Before making her comfortable you need to be comfortable in your skin. You should know who you are and what you exactly want. You need to present yourself first before her. So make sure how you present yourself so that you attract her. Once you attract her things will get easy between you two.make-her-comfirtable-alove-diary Once things are easy, make sure that she is okay around you rather make sure that she is very comfortable being with you and is all set to hang out alone with you. Girl easily does not hang out alone and prefers to get her friend along. So if the girl is very comfortable hangout alone with you and does not get her friend, you are going well.

No perfect place required

There is no such rule that flirting can happen a specific places only. It can be expected anywhere and no bar or specific restaurant is required. Just keep in mind that there has to be perfect timing for this thing to happen. Therefore, do not think of a perfect place but, a perfect time.

Light one, please

Flirting has to be on a lighter note initially because you cannot jump directly on a higher subject. You need to check if the girl is comfortable with the lighter one and if she plays along you can go onto the higher note. This is a very important tip and you cannot ignore the same.

Think of the girl

alovediary-flirting-tips-for-menThis is very important. When you flirt with the girl, think of her. think of the surroundings and also, her background where she comes from. Flirting is not about you but about her. Notice everything about her like her laugh, earrings, necklace, rings, or even her shoes, and compliment her. Observe her every single reaction. You need to take a moment before approaching a woman.


You should listen to what the girl is trying to convey. You cannot be impatient. You should listen to her words very carefully before responding. When you listen to her words carefully she will talk with you longer and that is what we want. And also, women like the men who listen to what are saying. Women love attention and that is what we should focus on. Remember that she is investing her time too.

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No too much

You should remember that women do not like way too much caring and sweetness. You should put the correct ingredients along with the correct quantity. You should flirt but at the same time stop being creepy. Remember decentness? Yes, you need to show her that you are decent and not too much in a hurry to take the next step.

Not too much talking

Do not do all of the talking. Let her talk too and also, let her ask some questions too. Be a good listener rather than a good speaker. You are there to impress her and to get to know her so that you can take a step ahead.

Do not be obvious

Yes, you are going to flirt but, do not be obvious that you are here to flirt. Take things slowly. Slow things last longer. If you show her that you are a flirt and are there and spending time with her so that you can flirt, it will make her think that you are creepy and she might distance herself from you and you won’t get a chance with her.


Show her that you are interested in her. Even if you feel that her talks are boring and you want her to stop talking, you should not stop her and show that you are interested. If you feel that the topic is not interesting, indulge in that topic and say something catchy to flatter her but on a lighter note.

Be very respectful

Lastly, no matter what be decent and respectful. Do not force her to say something flirtatious back. You cannot expect her to be a flirt and say something spicy things back. Remember you and she are not one yet. Unless and until she is not comfortable with you, you cannot expect her to flirt with you too.


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