Gifts IdeasBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend | Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend | Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Are you finding the best gift for your girlfriend under Rs. 2000? You have landed on the correct article.

We all want the best for our girlfriend but, we also have to plan our month on our salary or we want the best gift for our girlfriend but running out of money. Yes, I can feel your pain. Well, I have your back because I have come up with the perfect blog post for you and here we are going to discuss various gifts that are under Rs. 2000/-.

Below are a few items that you can purchase from Amazon easily. Basically, these items are easily available on all sorts of websites but I have said Amazon because while typing this down I have referred to the Amazon app.

Best Birthday Gift for GF
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So here are the top 15 Gift for Your Girlfriend to make her Birthday Special:

1) Portrait:

Nowadays, you can easily find portraits. You can get it done from an artist who charges a minimal price. There are so many Instagram influencers who can help you with this. It will be great if you know to sketch. Also, remember to make it framed. There are 100s of frames available on Amazon and if you do know the judgment or size of the sketch, you can get it done manually by going to the frame shops.

2) Tea-infuser mug:

If your girlfriend is a tea lover, please go with the tea-infuser mug. You can find it easily available online. Just type for a tea-infuser mug and you will get 100s of genuine websites, where you can get one. This is easily available under 2000.

3) Necklace:

A beautiful necklace gift is always lovable. It will look rich and fancy. Varieties of designs are available, and thick and thin designs and styles are available. Go for it. Many are available on Amazon. Colorful jewelry is what a girl looks for.

4) Choco Nut Dulex Hamper:

Found this one online when I searched for gifts. You can always gift this hamper to your girlfriend. These hampers look rich and very attractive. This is something within your budget of 2000 and desirable. The rich look of these hampers is quite fascinating. Do consider this one and if your girlfriend is fond of chocolates and sweet stuff, this is something you should go for.

5) Waffle gift box:


These days waffles are too much in demand I have seen. Many girls are mad after waffles. Tons of waffles are available in different flavors. If your girlfriend has a sweet tooth and she is totally mad for waffles do consider buying one. The price that I saw online was 1200, therefore it is well within budget. The boxes I saw looked decent and rich along with good packaging.

6) Customized lamp:


This is something you should go for if you are not considering eatables to gift. This is quite a romantic gift. With such a gift you can send the person your favorite photo and he will get it customized for you. The lamp when lit, either plays a song along with the deem light, or there is one more option to keep changing the light of the lamp slowly. Therefore which one to go for is your choice.

7) Oil Painting photo frame:

This is something different and unique. This is the same as the portrait option but an oil painting picture is more attractive and it actually makes the picture look like the person. Remember to make the frame attractive as well. This option is well fitted in your budget.

8) Watches:

Yes, a good branded watch like sonata or Fastrack is under 2000 so you can definitely consider gifting a watch to your girlfriend. I purchased the Fastrack watch in 2019 and it still works the best. I had purchased the same from Amazon during the sale week so I got 1200 watches at 700. A big dial is always desirable to go for. Come on, get one for her so that she is never late for the date.

9) Bracelets:

Girls really love bracelets. Gifting a bracelet to your girlfriend is always the best option. Do consider buying her not a very thick bracelet. Something lighter and attractive is good. Bracelets are very cheap in price so you can consider gifting her the set of bracelets along with the card. It will look really romantic and thoughtful.

10) Locket:

A locket is always a great choice. Here, I am not only addressing the locket in general but, the customized name locket or the customized design you want to put on the locket. It will look prosperous and decent. She will be really happy and consider you a thoughtful person. You can easily find this one on Amazon.

11) Handbag:

A women’s handbags are fancy gifts that you can consider gifting to your girlfriend. It is never too late to consider such gifts for your girlfriend. The handbags are very much available under 2000 and moreover, you can purchase them easily from Amazon. It has a wide range of handbags along with the combo set (eg: purse, side bag, and handbag) such a combo set will fit your budget easily.

12) Skincare hamper:

Okay, so even skincare hampers are available. If your girlfriend is into cosmetics and skincare routines do consider gifting her a skincare hamper.

Also, now that we are talking about the hampers, you can yourself make hampers at home. Purchase the products from Amazon (know your girlfriend’s favorite brand) take a basket and make it look attractive by using gift papers and stuff.

This will make her feel proud of you because gifting is one thing but being thoughtful is really very special thing.

The price of the gifts never matters but the intention behind gifting does matter a lot. Hopefully, you have already decided what to gift your girlfriend now. You can even combine a few options if it falls under 2000.


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