Relationships16 Romantic tips for Romantic Healthy Relationship for couples

16 Romantic tips for Romantic Healthy Relationship for couples

When we talk about a healthy relationship, the first thing to keep in the mind is that it will work only when both persons put an equal amount of effort from within and with the faithful intention to carry it forward. Relationships will not work if only one person puts the effort and the other doesn’t even appreciate it.

So keep in mind if you want your relationship to work smoothly, both of you must work together to make it successful.

Even though every relationship is different, many studies have concluded that a healthy relationship is a need for every couple. A healthy relationship promotes happiness and less stress. Though every relationship is unique, here are some tips for you to follow.

1) Show that you care

It is very important and necessary that the most obvious thing has to be shown sometimes in a relationship. You love him/her then you of course care but, sometimes it becomes necessary for your to feel and see it. Especially during your partner’s low phase, it becomes very necessary that you show your caring side to him/her.

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2) Keep low expectations

Don’t keep high expectations from your partner. Keep realistic expectations that you know are necessary. A healthy relationship requires you to accept your partner the way he/she is and to promote no fancy expectations.

3) Communication

Healthy communication is a must in every sort of relationship. Communication helps in building your relationship and also tends to make it automatically strong. Be there and genuinely listen to your partner without interrupting. Show that you are interested, by asking some questions back. Share some information too.

4) Be ready for change

Relationships when new, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable since you are going through a change but trust me slowly you will become comfortable and you will feel easy to catch up further. But till then be flexible, adjust and be open.

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5) Be a good planner

When you plan something, do ask for some suggestions from your partner too. This is a great way to show respect and that you care about your partner’s point of view too. This will also make you understand your partner well. You will start to know your partner’s choices too. This will help you a lot further you see.Be a good planner

6) Fight right

When you fight with your partner make sure that you don’t blame him/her again and again. Fight right. While fighting is fair and also accept the things where you have gone wrong. Be true while fighting.

There is no worry if you have a few fights. No relationship will be healthy if there is no fight in it. Fights make it more strong. Note that this doesn’t mean you fight every day. Once in a blue moon situation might make you fight but you have to stay calm and communicate. Nicely present your points and explain your side. Keep your language and terms clear.

7) Indulge in a couple of activities

There are many outdoor activities wherein you both can participate together. Achieve them together. This will make you both come close. Participate in couple’s competition. Play to win the competition. This will help.

8) Give time

It’s a concern for many people that they don’t take along fast. We should know that the relationship is a process. It takes time to get along. There is one famous sentence that “Rome was not built in a day”, this statement is famous for a reason. Remember not to rush too fast for things in a relationship. As time passes, you learn and grow. So give some time and know each other well.


9) Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Be who you are. Your partner should know who you are and how you are. Don’t disappoint your partner by showing the side you do not possess. Because you can’t pretend for too long. Let your partner love the original you.

10) Understanding

Try to develop a high level of understanding. Understanding makes the relationship easy. Try to make your relationship work smoothly. Remember you need to make your partner believe that you understand them thoroughly. This will make your relationship healthy.

11) Express affirmation

Express warmth and affection. Express your love for your partner. Make your partner feel loved. Also, express how much you adore him/her. Take your partner on a date at least once a month and spend some time with him/her. Make your partner feel special. Gift your partner the best days of his/her life.signs-that-you-have-found-your-soulmate

12) Do not keep break-up as an option

No matter how hard the situation becomes or the fight is, do not keep break-up as an option. Try to make the situation normal. Try to solve the fight. Don’t end the relationship. Face the ups and downs of a relationship together. Don’t let third-person create misunderstandings between you two. And also don’t take the help of the third person to solve your fights because it indicates the weakness of your relationship.

13) Take a note of your partner’s mood

A person can talk about many things by not saying a word. Therefore, take note of that. Know your partner so well that even if he/she doesn’t speak. Notice his/her body language and you will know that something has gone wrong and you can further resolve the issue. This will enhance the quality of the relationship.

14) Give and take

Don’t be selfish and just expect things from your partner without you giving them anything. There has to be everything from both sides. Give and take has to be a part of your relationship to make it healthy.


15) Respect

Respect your partner. Respect his/her work, passion, opinions, decisions, etc.

16) Give some space too

You should give some space to your partner too. Let him/her spend his/her “me” time. Don’t stick around them for 24 hours. Each person needs his/her personal time to process things.  If you continuously stick around him/her it might irritate both of you so spend some time alone too.


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