Dating15 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

15 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Before starting with today’s blog, “15 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate”, we need to understand what is the meaning of “Soulmate”. A soulmate is someone who is an ideal match for you.

We have watched many Bollywood romantic films concerning finding a soulmate right? But all of those feelings, scenes, and background music don’t happen in real. There are some things you need to look at to or feel. Feelings play a very important role when it comes to searching for a perfect soulmate.

Here are a few signs to know that you have found your soulmate so keep reading and get to know if you have found your soulmate.

1 – You feel that you should spend more time

You constantly feel that you should spend some more time with them. You constantly search for a reason to meet them. You constantly look at your phone to be in touch with them. You have an urge to call them and talk to them. These are the signs that you want to spend more time with them.


2 – You know it

Sometimes you do not need any test to know that you found your soulmate. You just know it. Your guts tell you that yes he/she is the one and you go for it. The connection blossoms differently for different individuals. There is no rule to feel. You know that he/she is the one due to the strong connection that you get. You feel energized by their presence.

3 – They are your close friend

Friendship is the best foundation for any relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was your best friend earlier your understanding and love will be very strong. If you two have trust, positive and pure friendship it’s a sign that she/he is the one. Go for it.

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4 – Respect each other

I strongly believe that every relationship must possess respect. Both persons should respect each other’s profession, behavior, attitude, space, decision, skills, and so on. A relationship is nothing without respect. If you cannot respect him/her then there is no meaning in a relationship.signs-you-have-found-your-soulmate-a-love-diary

5 – Feelings for them

When he/she is sad because something close to their heart is lost, you too feel sad, that’s when it’s clear that you feel that strong connection with them which is why it makes you sad. Seeing them disappointed, disappoints you, and seeing them happy makes you happy too.

6 – Agreement over things

Maybe you two do not agree on watching a movie or series but, when it comes to making an important decision, you two are sailing in the same boat. This is the best sign that you have found your soulmate. Hold onto him/her.

7 – Same goals

Do you two have the same life goals? What else do you need? Go for him/her. It is very rare today that two persons are attracted to each other and are sharing the same life goals. There will be a few disagreements here and there but you both agree on big things and that is a good sign.

8 – Balancing

You cannot be the same copy of him/her. You two possess a nature that matches each other’s nature vibes and that is very important. Heard of opposite attracts? This is exactly that. If you both have natures that are different from each other yet compliments each other then there has to be something and you can say that you have found your soulmate.


9 – Comfortable

When you can be yourself with him/her, you can say that you have found your soulmate. Remember that you cannot fake yourself. When the real you is very comfortable with him/her, you can talk without any sort of barrier, without any regrets, without any trust issues, then you can say to have found your soulmate.

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10 – Brings out the best in you

A soulmate brings out the best version of his/her partner. If your boy/girl also brings out the best in you then you can say to have found your soulmate. You should not only let them push you but, also must push them a little to become the best. Motivating each other to be the best is also a sign of a healthy relationship, isn’t it?

11 – Emotional phase

The best is when you know he/she is sad without him/her letting you know about his/her mood. If he/she understands your emotional language which is very important n every relationship hold onto him/her and never let him/her go away.signs-that-you-have-found-your-soulmate

12 – You can fight for each other

When your friendship has reached a level wherein you both can fight for each other then you can say that he/she is the one. And you can go for him/her. This is the real beauty of any relationship to stand for each other. To fight for each other.

13 – You both are equally into it

The efforts which we put in should be from both sides. You cannot clap using one hand, can you? In the same way, the beauty of a relationship is when you both are equally putting your efforts to make your friendship or relationship work. Only you cannot struggle, let him/her struggle too. And if he/she does struggle to make it work, he/she is the one.

14 – You can feel the pain

When you know, you both can feel each other’s pain you surely should go for him/her. A relationship has its ingredients to taste good. One of the main ingredients is feeling the pain. You cannot just be with your partner at his/her happiness, also you should stay with him/her at his/her lows. And if you have found someone who is like this, then do not wait more and go for him/her.



15 – Chemistry

Every relationship has chemistry. But the chemistry of your relationship will be more beautiful when you respect each other’s boundaries. When you respect each other’s situations and comfort levels. Also, it is very important that you remain secure about your relationship. Don’t be insecure. Remember trust is the basis of every relationship so do not shatter it.

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