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15 Points to take a break from Your EX – How to forget your Ex.

Oh, when we say my ex-girlfriend or my ex-boyfriend we can just feel toxicity around and within us, isn’t it? Yes, we all hate our exes and we just want to get over him or her as soon as possible. A relationship breakup is very tough and we all are very well aware of the same.

Every breakup is very different so just stop asking your friends how did they manage. The feelings are all jumbled up and we all just want to be sorted as soon as possible. You need to prioritize looking after yourself and there are various things you can do to make yourself feel better.


Want to know how to forget your exes right now? You are on the right site and now just let us get started with the solution.

Follow these suggestions and I am sure you will get over that girl and boy soon:-

1 – Give yourself some time

Stop expecting that you will get over your past relationship within a few minutes. No, it is not possible and you are well aware of that fact. Therefore, do not expect that you will forget your ex within a few days and give yourself some time okay?

2 – Demand some space

When you are getting separated from your ex, it is very important that you give some space to that broken relationship. Avoid that person online too. Ignore him/her totally but, do not show that you are doing better by putting on happy statuses either. Stay neutral.

3 – Stay busy

Be busy and do not sit idle which is important to do because you do not want to keep thinking about him/her. Follow your passion and indulge yourself in your studies or work. Do not see his/her status or display a picture. Avoid it and keep yourself engaged. Sitting doing nothing will make you go through those old memories and will impact you badly.stay-busy

4 – Communicate with others

Communicate with your friends or family members. Talk your heart out. This will make you feel better. You will feel so relieved trust me. It is absolutely fine to spend some quality time with your friends and family members and you deserve it. It will also help you to achieve positivity.

5 – Stay away from toxicity

Stay away from alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Say big no to such things. Also, stay away from the people who promote negativity around you. Do not talk to them about your broken heart. Instead of making you feel better, they will spoil your somewhat gained positivity and this will impact you badly.

6 – Exercise

Exercise helps a lot to cope with the pain. Many of my friends also did this during their low phase and got a really good result. Make use of this pain positively and exercise regularly.

7 – Sleep well

Sleep is really important when it comes to phases like a breakup. You need to have 8 hours of sleep compulsorily. Sound sleep is really important. A night of good sleep will refresh your mind. It helps to improve the positivity level within you.

8 – Stay away from common friends

Stay away from common friends for a while. At least for time being, till you get over your ex. I have added this tip because I strongly believe that they will constantly bring up their topic or will ask you for the reasons or will also, interfere and make your situation worst.


9 – Do meditation

Meditation is not a much-used term. We all think that it is not much important to do or we think that we should not give much importance to it. But, whatever these thoughts are existing amongst the young generation are wrong. Meditation helps a lot. It helps to focus on the brighter side of your life. It helps to clear your mind.

10 – Don’t jump into a new relationship

Do not think of stepping into a new relationship. Let some time pass. Take a break from relationships. Think about what you want in your next relationships, such as having enough self-time or transparency, or honesty.

11 – When your ex moves on

It will be very difficult to see that your ex has already moved on therefore, avoid social media and thinking about him/her. Do not contact your ex or his/her new boyfriend or girlfriend and lash out at them. If you are struggling with anger or jealousy, talk to someone about the same. Remember to talk to someone who is mature and who will guide you perfectly.

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12 – Pack all painful memories

During the period of your relationship, you both must have exchanged a few things with each other. Pack all those stuff or throw them out so that it does not trigger you. Stay away from things that trigger you.

13 – Get out and explore

Get out and explore that is travel. It will help you out. Taking fresh air will help you to cope with your breakup.ex girlfriend or boyfriend

14 – No rebounds, please

Please do not go for a rebound. It is creepy and unhealthy to go for a rebound. It spoils your image and will never help you gain a healthy relationship. And this is never a healthy practice.

15 – Take care

Last but not least, take care of yourself. Do not let the negativity of your relationship impact your health. Continue with your daily routine activities. Try to act normal. Do not sit in one place and keep on thinking about what happened to you. You can do nothing. Do not let down your self-respect for that one person who does not deserve your love.

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Break up cannot be your bad phase if you utilize that phase in your growth positively. Do not let one unsuccessful relationship impact your mental, emotional and physical health. If you feel like crying, cry out loudly and let that grief out.  Do not be ashamed. And also, surround yourself with positive people which will help you to think and grow positively.


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