Just for Men14 signs that your partner is seeing someone else

14 signs that your partner is seeing someone else

Our busy schedule can turn out to be a nightmare for all of us, the relationship being one of those aspects. Balancing between work and personal life is not easy. I know why you are here but before we start let me advise you something because you cannot simply take doubt on your partner and spoil your lovely relationship. So be sure and go through. You can also go through this article for staying safe but do not lash out with a mere doubt. Read and understand my article properly.

Also, if you doubt him, just approach him and clear your doubt but do not ask him now and then. And do not doubt him just because you have seen someone cheating on his girlfriend. Do not relate your relationship with others. Think positive and keep going unless you notice given signs in your relationship.

Here are a few signs that he or she is seeing someone:-

1 – Always busy

Suddenly your partner from nowhere now seems to be very busy and has many other commitments like never before. The major sign is that he is spending a lot of time outside. It does not matter if he tells you everything but, it does matter if he does not tell you anything and keeps many things secret from you.partner-busy

2 – Does not take you out

If Your partner stops outing with you, then this should bother you. Taking a day off only for you is a major part of a relationship and it makes you believe that you matter to him more than anything in this world. But if he has stopped taking you out and does not bother to spend a few hours with you, is a major loophole and a sign that he is seeing someone.

3 – Distancing

Your partner suddenly starts maintaining distance from you. He does not come close to you and if you go near him he either pushes you away or he walks away. It simply means that he no longer enjoys a thing you both loved to do earlier. This is a major sign that he does not want you anymore.

4 – Avoids certain places

If he takes you out and avoids certain places for an unreasonable reason you may take a doubt because vague reasons to avoid many places is not normal. Do watch out for behavior like this if it seems to occur often and involves the same places.

5 – Your introduction

He has stopped introducing you as his girlfriend for vague reasons. This is real proof of him being cheating on you. If he introduces you as just a friend or sister before another woman for some unreasonable reason, girl you better watch him out. This can include him not touching you at all, not holding your hand, not checking up on you, or not calling you ‘baby’, ‘sweet heart’ etc. This is hurting I understand so start keeping an eye on him.


6 – Female/Male friend

That one male or female friend of his is seeing him more often and is being the third wheel in your relationship. She is also present virtually with your partner often texting and calling. Remember he may ask you two to spend time more often to avoid any suspicious moment.

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7 – Mixing in a social group

It is very normal when your partner likes you getting mixed with his friends or colleagues but, the moment he stops taking you out with his friends, you better start watching out his this abnormal behavior. When your partner wants you to constantly accompany him for social group outings, he seems to be transparent but, when he stops taking you along with him for social group outings, watch out girls.

8 – Hiding the phone

Earlier if he used to share all the details of his phone with you but, now suddenly stopped handing the phone to you or does not allow you to touch it or yells at you if you touch the phone, girl you better watch out.hiding-phone

9 – Asks you to change

If he asks you to change your lifestyle, dressing sense, lose weight, etc, girl there is a problem. Your partner used to love you the way you were earlier right? What happened suddenly? Watch out, lady.

10 – Senseless schedule

Your partner’s schedule does not make sense. He has a gym, work, friends to hang out with, and 8 hours of sleep. What about the remaining hours? Why is not he around you? What about spending some time with you? This is a sign that he spends those remaining hours with someone else. Watch out.

11 – Social media

He has an Instagram account but now does not post with you much or has deleted already posted pictures with you. This is a major sign dear. If he gives senseless reasons for not posting with you or is avoiding social media questions, you need to keep an eye on him.

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12 –  New habits

The habits you were asking him to change for ages but he would not listen to you now suddenly he wants to develop them and be a good boy. Doubtful right? Watch out because this is a major sign that he wants to change his habits for some girl who wants such qualities in a boy.


13 – Defensive boy

He becomes defensive when asked about his day or schedule. Sometimes, you feel like asking him about his day because you want to be closer to him. Instead of being polite and explain you his day he starts yelling or avoiding this question or defending himself. Watch out maybe he was with that girl.

14 – Dating apps

Oops, did you check out if your partner is on any dating apps? If he is, ask him why? Because he should no longer need it because you are supposed to be his only soulmate, isn’t it?


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