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10 signs that show a girl like you – At Work or School

The problem is figuring out whether a girl likes you or not? Here are 10 signs that show a girl like you. This article has covered it all. Women, most of the time are hard to read, that is why it is very tough to understand whether a girl likes you or not.

While many women give off the hints, we being boys cannot figure it out. But there are many such signs which are common and easily will let you know that the girl is into you. Look out for these signs and if you find these out in your girl, then boy she is totally into you believe me.


It all begins with an introduction to staying consistently in touch. Here are a few signs that a girl likes you. Read and understand so you will never have to wonder if a girl likes you again.

Everybody knows you

When a girl likes you, she tells about you to her best friends. She even cannot control her feelings and introduces you to her home too. So basically now everybody knows you. 10-Sign-that-shows-girl-like-you-At-Work-or-SchoolWhen she tells about you at her place, it means that she sees a future with you. She wants everybody to know whom she likes and needs their approval. She does not hesitate to call you in front of them or to pick your phone up. Yes, this is a positive sign, my dear.


When a girl is into you, she would want to meet you again and again. If she reschedules something really important just to meet you or cancels the outings with her friends just to spend time with you, then she wants you in her life. Eagerness is a very good sign that a woman is into you.

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Usually, when a girl does not want to talk with a boy, she hangs up the phone immediately or makes the boy think that she is really busy or pretends that she cannot hear you and hangs up the phone. But when a woman constantly brings up a topic and keeps on talking so that the communication does not end, she is into you. If she keeps on replying to you or she makes up a thing and calls you, these are the signs that she wants to talk to you.


When she is around you she is nervous and shy. She doesn’t look straight into your eyes because it makes her blush. She is constantly messing up with her hair or face. If she is smiling and looking down, these are the positive signs that she is into you. 10-Sign-that-shows-girl-like-you-At-Work-or-SchoolBut, remember not to get confused between she wants to be around you and she does not want you around her at all. Blushing, shying, and messing with the hair or face are a few signs that she likes you.

Strong memory

When a girl is into a boy, she remembers everything he tells her. She even remembers when he told her that particular thing. Does your girl also remembers every minute detail you tell her? she is into you boy. If she does not only pay attention to your stories but also remembers it very nicely, this is a sign that she likes you.

Body language

Women’s body language is very easy to notice once you learn to notice it. They don’t speak out their heart much but, will show you many things by their body language. You will also get to know if she likes you or not through her body language. Of course, girls do not make the first move but she would want you to keep your hands closer to hers. But remember to be careful because you do not want to make things awkward for both of you.

Makes you smile

If she constantly is making efforts just to make you smile, she likes you a lot. makes-you-smileIf she sends you her funny pictures or memories or is sharing embarrassing stories just to see the smile on your face, she likes you a lot. If she compliments you often just to make you smile she likes you. A girl rarely shares her embarrassing stories with you. If she does she is really into you.

Makes time for you

If the girl is making time for you or comes out just to spend time with you, she is into you. A girl rarely makes an effort to step out of the house to spend time with a boy when it was not even planned before. It is simple if she is your childhood friend and steps out without much effort but, if you just have met her and she is stepping out when your outings were not even pre-planned, then boy she is into you.

Keeps on staring

If you notice her staring at you on multiple occasions she is into you. keep-staringFor example, you both are out with your group at you notice her glancing at you more than twice now, why do you think she is staring at you more than twice? She is totally into you boy. You will catch her staring at you while she is assuming that you don’t notice. If a girl is attracted to a boy she keeps on staring at him and this is a universal fact.

I am single

Another important sign which makes it more obvious that the girl is into you is that she will constantly let you know that she is single and wants to be in a relationship or is available and open to a proposal. This is a clear hint that she is into you and she wants you to make a move. Remember not to directly ask her out, just take it slow yet to the point.

So these are a few of the obvious signs that the girl is into you. Do check out for these signs in your girl and find out if she’s into you.


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